3 Best Place to Visit When In Bengal

Every tourist will tell you that Bengal is a good place to visit. Visiting Bengal is the best means to have an adventure-filled vacation. Bengal is rich in history. There are many vital attractions and monuments you can see here. For example, the classic age of Mahabharata and so many things have occurred in Bengal. 

Most people think of music when they imagine of Bengal but there is a lot more you can find here than just playing Baul music. Bengal is among the tourist destinations you would want to visit. It is located in India. If you have Bengal on your list of tourist destinations, this article is what you need to know the places you will need to visit while in Bengal. Have a look before you go.


It was previously called Calcutta and it is West Bengal state’s capital. It was established as an East India Company. Additionally, it is the biggest city and has been around for over 2000 years. It is because of this that Bengal is a good tourist destination. Its many years of existence give it a rich artistic background. If your trip is going to revolve around the city, there are several places you can visit here.  Some of the places you could visit while in Kolkata includes;

  • Shantiniketan
  • Indian museum
  • Victoria hall
  • Belur Math Shrine
  • Eco Tourism Park
  • Marble Palace
  • Bishnupur
  • Mother House

 All these places are suitable for visiting to anyone who doesn’t need to go beyond the city. Even those visiting other parts of India can find this place appealing. Apart from that, you can find several plazas and malls in the city.


This is another great place to visit when you are in Bengal. This is a hill station that is well known for bird watching, tea, and its amazing scenery. Additionally Himalayas that is snow capped makes the place daring and aesthetically inviting for anyone. Above all, you will love the toy train that operates between Darjeeling and Bew Jalpaiguri. In case you have a trip to Bengal soon, consider using this train. 

This train will take you through 78 kilometers of beautiful sceneries and you will never get tired of it. Some of the tourist attractions in Bengal that you might love to visit  include;

  • Kanchenjunga
  • Lava
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Neora National Park
  • Everest Museum
  • Champramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tiger Park
  • Batasia loop

Apart from visiting these places, you will also enjoy some activities like trekking, water rafting, and bird watching – read article on places to see around darjeeling.


This town is also known as Medinipur and it is popular for being a  great pilgrim area for Hindus. Additionally. Midnapore has several old mosques. So if you would love to see some of the artworks that relate to mosques, this is the place you should visit. You will also find some monuments here that were built in the loving memory this country’s heroes of independence. 


As you can see, Bengal has a lot to offer. You will never get bored while in Bengal. There are so many places to visit and different activities to engage in.

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